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the NEW YEAR. 😊 laugh often and MUCH, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children... to leave the world a BETTER PLACE... to know even ONE LIFE has breathed easier because YOU have lived... this is the real meaning of success...

It's an excerpt from a Ralph Wal...

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Register to vote! ...Today! takes time for het registration to go into effect...

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VOTING matters too. :-)

- Susan B.

Have a nice day.

PS I'm most active on Facebook. :-)

HI Welcome to my Presidental Campaign Website.

I am NEW at setting up Websites I hope i did OKAY. :-) Please do not call, I know there is a "call button" on this site but don't call, please. The CONTACT BUTTON is better, I can then respond when I'm not in a meeting, or during downtime in a meet...

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The website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!
More photos below... This website is NEW...
18+ years ago, I became a Mommy... Now my daughter is a woman of her own... Thank you, Jessy, for being my daughter. More news NEWS coming soon. (Not children though, that chapter of my book is closed. ;-) )

Passionate about being a Mother, Wife, and Volunteer…I’m a doer!
Born 3rd child, in a Polish-Middle Class-Republican-American, daughter of a US military Father on Travis Air Force Base, in California, in 1965, during Civil Rights Movement, the second-wave of Feminism, a man on the MOON, the Vietn...

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Happier Holidays to you and your Family!
I with you all good things in the New Year!
Susan B.

YOU matter

A few years ago I was at a UN conference with the American Women's Club of Zurich though our membership in the FAWCO Organization, it was in Geneva Switzerland. The topic? The outlook for women today and in the near future. As a woman, this was important to me and I was eager to hear good news.

The concluding message?

The single worst thing a woman can do currently in her lifetime, that will lower her standard of living perhaps leading her into poverty, is to become a Mother. Between the stop in salary, lack of health insurance, and no retirement fund, the loss of career level, eventually quality of life spirals out of control.

 Is this the way we respect our Mothers? ...ourselves? 

After the conference I thought well it was nice to have this information but now what? Who will do something with this information? Unfortunately, the UN has NO POWER, no way to put the information into action. So then what?

Well I went back to my computer and told my friends on Facebook and then we all got older and nothing happened...

At the time I did not know what to do with the information anyway, plus I was a stay at home mom myself... with a daughter who needed me. it was not time yet for me to leave my parenting job. As time passed I met women from all over who were struggling to get by, Mom's of all ages... 

As i was finishing a recent work of art my husband was telling me I need to sell artwork not just make it and spend money. I told him no one was buying and for me selling is not my end goal, I make art to make people think and feel... 

The concept of my current work is to bring people of different religions, beliefs and non believers together. To form a bond against misunderstandings that happen between cultures that create hate and fear. 

The work is called "Smile for Peace its enough already." ...and it is enough already. 

As I felt it was not the time to stop the momentum of PEACE I started to spread... I looked around for a way to earn money and promote PEACE amongst people in the world...and then it occurred to me what I could do... 

Growing up In the United  States you are ALWAYS reminded that ANYONE can grow up to be President of the United States, ANYONE. So I thought, hmmm its an election year, I am very patriotic, I love and miss the USA(Currently, I live in Switzerland), and what better place to promote PEACE in the world, between people, than to be President of the United  States.

The GOOD that could be done...

Then I started thinking I don't think Donald Trump REALLY wanted to be President, and I'm sure he is getting tired of it, especially now that he has been impeached... 

One Never really knows with him what is going on. 

Next year, in 2020, we the Citizens of the  United States of America celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Women's Right to VOTE. Then I thought what better year to VOTE A WOMAN IN AS PRESIDENT... 

And naturally, I realized I am a women and my next thought was... THAT woman... could be me...  

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